Trouble’s here. She walked right through the door.

Trouble’s here. She’s gone and set herself right down smack in the middle of the floor.

She’s eatin' my things.

She’s takin' my stuff.

I’ve had enough.

She’s mean and spiteful.

Now send her away.

Trouble is, I think she’s made some plans to stay.


Trouble’s here. She walked right through the door-

And I mean through the door.

How else can I explain her Sudden

Miraculous, Materialization in the middle of the floor?


She’s dirty and low, annoyin' me so

I cannot breathe.

I cannot sleep.

And she won’t budge.

She’s such a creep!

And she says that I sent her an invitation,

A fine solicitation-that’s why she’s here.


“I’m here for assistance” (she says)

“Now let’s go the distance” (she says)

“You’re stubborn and angry,

And I’m good at supporting those ways.”

“You think I’m your enemy ”(she says)

“But baby, (she says) when you gonna see?”

SHE SAYS “With all your resistance, pride, and persistence,

Hey, don’t you think you look a lot like me?”


Trouble’s here. She walked right through the door.

Trouble’s here. And every second of the day she does some dumb thing that I abhor.

She’s spacey and slow.

She’s let herself go.

I can’t believe there’s no reprieve.

I pray aloud that she will leave.

Please help her to find the inclination

To end this visitation- "TROUBLE BE GONE!”


Now you know, I can’t explain the ecstasy in having her not next to me.

She’s disappeared, gone away,

A mystery unsolved- but hey,

I looked into the mirror and was so relieved to see-

‘Twas just my own familiar eyes were staring back at me!