When the sun woke up this morning, as she rose to meet her day,

I could feel such sadness showing. Would she make it one more day?

I said, " You’ve been working hard here. There’s no break for you at all.

You are just another sojourner who’s supposed to give your all."


Won’t you meet me on a mountain? Will you find me in a crowd?

I’m still searching in this wilderness for a voice I heard aloud.


There’s a man out on the pavement. Doesn’t ask me for a dime.

But he asks me for a blanket and says, ”Promise that it’s mine.”

I come back there with a blanket. He’s surprised I crossed  that line.

I’m not there inside his eyes no more, but he’s there inside of mine.


I’ve known angels by their voices. I've  known angels by their smiles.

And I so miss being with them, for they only stayed awhile.


There’s a kindness that you know of. There’s a kindness that you fear.

That’s the kindness that will touch you, if you only let it near.


Now my heart is full broke open, and Abundance is my name.

What I feared most in this living, I can hardly even name.

No more aching in the darkness. No more weeping in the night.

For if Joy comes in the morning, well then, surely there’s Delight.


And the sky was gray and glowing from a rainbow burst in flame.

And I said, “My God in Heaven, surely Splendor is your name.”


Won’t you take me in and hold me? Won’t you shelter me with rest?

Won’t you keep me and console me? Won’t you hold me to your breast?


I’ve known Angels…….



I  have reached a destination, arrived early-even so,

I shall not depart this station  ‘til I know what I must know.


So I start my daily journey, and some days I travel far.

And some days I do not make it. That’s when I regard my star.


Yes my Sun woke up this morning, so encouraged by the day.

And I said: "I’m your companion. We’re two sojourners this day."


I’ve known Angels….